• Pipe Fitters

    Shipyard Staffing, LLCAtlantic Beach, FL

    Job #634780576

  • The Pipe Fitter must possess knowledge, skills and abilities sufficient to fabricate, modify, repair and install piping and support structures in all types of fluid systems, drain systems and wave guides in connection with ship alteration and repair. The following is a list of typical work that the Pipefitter might be asked to perform: Lay out work from blueprints, sketches, verbal orders, or TGIs. Repair or remove and replace damaged ship system components and pipe systems. Work from templates, manufacturing and installing parts and assemblies with reference to base lines, centerlines, frame lines and other reference points. Prepare pipe and component surfaces for cutting, welding and brazing. Work is accomplished using miscellaneous hand, electric and pneumatic tools. Uses precision tools such as micrometers, depth gauges and calipers while performing close tolerance work. Coordinate and arrange for the work of several trades in connection with performing work from information received from technical work documents, blueprints, specifications, written and/or oral instructions Must have 3+ years of SHIPYARD experience. Must pass background screening Must pass drug screening EOE

    Updated 04/19/2018

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